Virtual Assistant in Northampton

Are you looking to hire a virtual assistant near Northampton?

Hiring a virtual assistant who supports individuals and small businesses in Northampton means you can add additional skills to your team or business, save you time, and reduce your costs.

Do you need to reclaim your time back? Let us complete your office admin tasks so you have time for the more important matters.

Virtual Website Assistant in Northampton

Do you get frustrated an waste loads of time trying to update your website or blog?We have more than 5 year’s experience.

Virtual Office Assistant
in Northampton

Do you have someone to answer the phones or answer emails when you are out of the office? We will have your office covered.

Virtual Assistant Services Northampton

Langham Virtual Assistant helps sole traders, small businesses, non-profit organisations, and professionals in and around Northampton with the tasks that keep you from dealing with your bigger goals and aspirations. I can help you save money, increase efficiency and productivity, and have a work/life balance.

Although many people still have not heard of the term, Virtual Assistants are becoming increasingly popular as they save their clients time and money.


Langham Virtual Assistant is based in Raunds, East Northamptonshire, also providing virtual assistant services across the UK.


As a virtual business, we support our clients with tasks remotely.

The virtual assistant services we provide to our clients support them with tasks that our clients do not have time, staff, or skills for. Other tasks may include those that you just do not have the desire to do. Either way, we offer a remote virtual assistant service for businesses in Northampton to seamlessly help our clients with whatever level of support they need.

We already have clients in Northampton who incur no fixed payroll or PAYE costs, as well as no fringe benefit expenses for the services we offer. Clients are not responsible for providing office space or equipment either,  this is contained in the Langham Virtual Assistant’s package/rate.

We use industry-leading software, platforms, and tools, providing clients with a seamless, fast, and efficient service.

Save Time
Better Time Management

Focus on what is really important to achieve your future aspirations and a better work/life balance.

Save Money
Control Your Costs

We can save you money with improved efficiency and cost-effective support when you need it.

Hire a virtual assistant near Northampton and free up your time

We provide a variety of services for all kinds of clients. Whether you need help with organisation, administration or customer service we have the right solution for you. Contact us today to find out how we can provide the perfect assistant for your needs!